Our strategic process identifies what, why and how sound should be used to strengthen the identity and experience of your brand.

We begin with an audit of your brand, your competitors and your touchpoints. This gives you an insight into how sound is – or isn’t –  having an impact on your business.  And it helps us decide how to differentiate your brand and improve the experience for your customer.

These insights are used to develop your sonic branding style guide.

These guidelines translate your unique brand values into musical attributes, and describe how and where you should implement sound to achieve a unified voice and better business outcomes.

Your sonic branding style guide is a valuable document for maintaining consistency, evaluating progress and keeping track of your marketing goals.


What you hear affects how you feel.

Sounds, voices and music influence our emotions, perceptions of quality and how we interact with products, services and our environment.

We work together with architects, designers, your creative agencies and you to build a unified soundscape across your entire brand.

Whether it’s designing sonic identities and custom playlists that move people – literally,
to live events and beautiful interactive installations that inspire people to connect and get involved in building your brand.

These creative executions are designed to build emotional connections that increase brand recognition and shift  how your audience thinks and feels about your brand.

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