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The Academy
National Australia Bank

The Academy is nab’s purpose built learning and development environment.

Its goal is to assist employees to reach their full potential, and transform the business, lives and communities.

The Academy Stairs

The Academy Stairs primes people for a new experience

3 distinct 32 channel 360˚ soundtracks evoke different energy levels and moods.

The music changes as energy and movement sensing cameras and sensors respond to the movement of people on the stairs.
This creates a dynamic, experience that reinforces the morphic visual identity and brand.

River Of Words

The River of Words is a 32 speaker, 360˚ interactive sound installation.

People transform the sound track in realtime by triggering sensors as they move through the space.

The effects range from enhancing the comfort and friendliness of the spaces; to uplifting, energising and surprising people as they move through The Academy.

Realtime Microphone

The realtime microphone is simply about having fun and encouraging people to play.

When people speak into the microphone their voice is transformed into bizarre mutations. 
Much to their delight.

Dial A Mood

Dial a mood is a simple interface that allows people to choose different playlists to change the mood of any of the room environments.

The different ‘mood states’ are:

Energy | Focus | Calm | Catalyst

Feedback Microphone

The feedback microphone is a quick and easy way for participants to express their thoughts and opinions about The Academy.

The comments can be used to improve services or be 
re-composed into the ever evolving sound installations.

The Vault

Miniature microphones respond to the volume of voices in the Vault and change the visual projections outside.


State of the art and easily upgradeable with custom designed software.

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