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Smart brands don’t advertise on Spotify

Smart brands don’t use Audio Ads to advertise on Spotify.

Why? Because they’re annoying. That’s the point.

Audio ads interrupt your listening experience to frustrate you.
This frustration is designed to force you to upgrade to Spotify’s interruption free suscription service.

Smart brands don’t create annoying, frustrating experiences.

Interruption doesn’t work, permission does.

Smart brands use Spotify to give things back to their listeners.

They help them discover new music. They help them make their lives easier and more fun through music. They give them things that make them look cool to their mates.


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Agencyitis strikes Cadbury Australia.

Agencyitis strikes again – this time with Cadbury Australia.

Cadbury were on a winner with the first two Saatchi & Saatchi TV commercials in their Joyville campaign.

Both these TVCs used ‘big band’, theatrical and wacky, JOYFUL music that is a great fit for the brand and  communicated the Joyville message perfectly.

The music makes you feel good, Cadbury makes you feel good. It works on a visceral and emotional level.

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The music aligns with the UK/global campaign, and it would also work very well at the point of purchase. Cadbury were well on the way to building a powerful brand asset with this music, and establishing a strong, recognisable and believable sonic brand identity.

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KISSing is fun

John Maeda’s Laws of Simplicity

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It’s not about you | Getting customer focused… For real

Do not ask what sound, music and silence can do for you.
Ask what it can do for your customers.

How can sound, music and silence make their lives easier, more pleasurable, more interesting?
How can sound solve their problems?

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