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Dell understands sonic branding: Global Brand – Sonic Branding Program Manager

Job Description

The Global Brand team is responsible for the strategy and programs that drive overall brand equity and brand reputation, and support the evolution of the Dell master brand. We are looking for a strong program manager to participate in our sonic branding strategy and sonic identity system development, including management of our sonic branding asset library and collaboration across the company to ensure successful alignment and implementation of our sonic branding standards.

  • Program management for sonic branding standards implementation; usage guidelines and assisting with integration for brand consistency
  • Development of sonic branding resources, libraries, filters and tools, including subject matter expert content development
  • Project management for creation of sonic branding assets, including internal partnership development and agency interactions
  • Driving strategy and stewardship of our sonic brand in support of overall business... read more

The sonic branding cycle

The sonic branding cycle

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Designing interface sounds for your iPhone & iPad Apps

A good interface sound for iOS (iPhone, iPads) should accomplish the following things.

  1. Be useful: Your sounds should have a function such as telling the user where they are and what they are doing, or that the app is working and ready to be used.
  2. Emotional resonance: Sounds should have personality and be aligned to the brand. They should elicit emotion – a smile, excitement, anticipation – and communicate the values and benefits of your App and brand.
  3. Distinctiveness: Get rid of the generic zips and zaps.  Apps shouldn’t go down the path of the bland one size fits all clicks that polluted the web (flash) experience. It’s boring and people switch off.  A way to achieve this distinctiveness is to repurpose your existing assets. However, just as the internet is not TV, iPhones aren’t personal computers, so careful attention needs to... read more

Singing roads

This could be put to great use as a mnemonic/trigger in integrated drink driving and speeding campaigns. For example placing them near schools. Interruption can be a good thing.

Lancaster, California has a musical road that has been pock marked with special grooves that sing out a tune.

Made by Honda as part of an upcoming advertising campaign, the road plays “The William Tell Overture” and for best results the company advices you to drive over with a Honda Civic because the company says that the road was tuned specifically to the tires and wheelbase of a Civic.

The juries out as to whether it’s a great piece of marketing or just plain annoying. (More on Google)

However the residents want the road back in original tar because many drive past out of... read more

Macs get viruses

The great thing about this consumer driven “viral” is that the author, Mike Solomon makes it easy for others to contribute and get involved. Download the Garageband file here and the audio file here.

Product sounds are a very powerful and often overlooked branding tool. Read a great article about sound in industrial design here. This viral exploits their potential perfectly.

Nokia remix anyone?

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via Core 77

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