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Podcasting plain and simple

The authors of the Bran podcast explain some of the whats, whys and hows of podcasting in this nice article about podcasting.For starters the article gives a nice definition of a podcast:

If you’re unfamiliar with podcasts, think of them as prerecorded radio shows that you can download and listen to at any time.What sets them apart from ordinary audio files, however, is the ability to subscribe to a podcast’s special feed called an RSS feed and have new episodes automatically downloaded to your PC as they become available.

They also use the podpress plugin on word press which is a fairly painless to use: A volume control would make it 99.9% perfect. Read more about website sound, volume and usability here. A podcast can be a... read more

Ad Supported Content Will Reach The Critical Masses

Podaddies…has forged a close relationship with Apple (AAPL) to develop advertising compatibility for the QuickTime and iTunes groups… Read the rest here.

Another Podcasting advertiser to watch is
We use them to track how you use our media files and podcast.

Companies are going to jump on to this more and more.

This form of advertising and brand alignment is powerful because the user has a choice to engage unlike the interruption based advertising of banner ads .

Some things to think about before you jump into the brave new world of ad supported content.

... read more

Website Comments and Feedback

Please put any comments and questions you have about our shiny new website and blog in the “leave a reply section” below.

  1. What works for you?
  2. What doesn’t work for you?
  3. Is it easy to use?
  4. Do we make sense?

Want to know how we did it. Ask us…

It’s young, energetic, and yearning for attention and some good people to help it grow up, so don’t hold back.



... read more

Sound and Web Usability

There’s been bit of discussion (which is great) by user experience and web designers around how to use sound on a website


  1. Making it easy for your users to find and control the volume of the sound.
  2. Ensuring that the sound is appropriate for your brand.
    Why is it that those clicky sounds on a lot of flash sites all sound (a)like they’re off the Matrix?
  3. Making sure the sound suits your target audience’s viewing/listening environment.

I was listening to some of the iWork tutorials on the Apple website and noticed that the volume of the narrators voice was different for each tutorial.

This meant that I was continually distracted and annoyed because I had to keep resetting the volume to a level that worked for me and others.

Usually what happens in this situation is that the user turns the sound off... read more

Delicious Updated

I’ve just updated my delicious page with lots of links to articles and information on sonic branding and the use and management of sound, voice and music in brand communication.

Authors include brand strategists, lawyers, visual designers, customer experience/usability designers and web/digital media creators and a few of us soundies as well.

It provides a nice well rounded view of sound as a brand reinforcement, communication and marketing tool.

Last time I looked I had cataloged around 100 articles on the the topic so there’s more too come.

In the meantime let me know what you’re interested in, and I’ll tag the articles so that they are easier for you to locate on the delicious page.

Enjoy and happy information overload.


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Just Ad Music

Recently Warner Music Group and social networking site imeem announced a partnership where Warner Music would allow imeem to stream full songs in exchange for a share of the revenue from ads that appear next to the song player.

Think of it as something like Google Adsense for music.

We’ll see a lot more of this as record companies try to respond to file sharing and the need to generate new revenue streams in light of decreasing profits.

Ad supported music is a good idea in theory. However, some things need to be ironed out before it is truly viable, here’s a few.

  1. How will ads be matched to music so that they reach the intended target market? The reason why Adsense is so successful is that it “senses” key words in the content and matches them to relevant advertising?Tagging of... read more

Orchestrating Your Brand

Martin Pazzani, CEO of Elias Arts, one of the originals in the sonic branding business, explains some of the things to consider when developing a musical branding strategy including:

Have you done an objective, comprehensive and multi-touch-point audit of your brand’s audio assets?

Do you have audio-identity guidelines that cover all the points of contact your customers have with your brand?

Do these audio-identity guidelines make their way into the creative briefs used to inform the development of marketing communications?

He also identifies brands who do and don’t do music and sonic branding well.

Read the whole article here

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Viral Schmiral

You hear a song on a television commercial or website, you like it and you want it. How hard is it to get it?

If you’re experience is anything like mine, it can be a complicated journey through Google searches and forums: Often with no joy at the end.

Why do so many companies make it so difficult for their customers to voluntarily spread their brand? Maybe they’re spending too much time reading books on solving the complexities of viral marketing instead of looking at the obvious.

So who gets it?

Wolf Blass does: they have a link to the great music that everyone talks about here. It’s pretty easy to find on their website.

They could make it easier to download and also embed data in the file so that when it’s played in a mp3 player (software or hardware) the song title... read more

Dirty Grime

You might one day hear a watered down , soulless “copy” of this on a car ad or something similar and wonder why it doesn’t “work”.

This music is a breath of fresh air.

When in doubt go back to the source.

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The Man In Black

The late Johnny Cash dare I say it, is/was the perfect brand.

  1. Consistent
  2. His beliefs are unequivocal
  3. He is unmistakable, totally unique

We were gushing the other day about his integrity, his passion, and his ability to communicate. To cut the crap.

When it comes to sonic branding, Johnny Cash unwittingly wrote the rule book.

His song “Man In Black” says it all…
Get it here on iTunes.

As for the words and music: the restraint is awe inspiring.

We Everyone from jingle writers to copy writers could all learn a thing or two by listening to the “air” in his songs.

Check it out

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