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Sonic branding is like an Aero Bar.

“It’s the bubbles of nothing that make it really something.”

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Bloody proud to be an Aussie

Have you heard yelling and crashing through the walls?

Have you heard the demeaning comment at work?

Have you heard “NO” said more than once at the bar?

I swear:
never to commit violence against women,
never to excuse violence against women, and
never to remain silent about violence against women.
This is my oath.

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Read more about the  campaign at Campaign Brief.

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Music for Action Against Hunger

This is a great idea and initiative

Cinesamples releases Djembe – AAH Fundraiser

We are trying to raise some money for a very worthy cause: Action Against Hunger
AAH is one of the highest rated and effective charities – offering support to those in distress in over 40 countries. If you wish to donate (any amount is accepted) please head over to our firstgiving page at

After donating you will be sent links to this wonderful djembe as a way of saying thanks! Suggested donation is $10, our fund raising goal is $5000. Donation amounts will not be posted, name and comment is optional.

The use of the djembe is a really good fit for the campaign. Particularly as the sound and rhythms of the djembe evokes positivity and energy

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Who’s in charge of your brand’s sound?

According to this article

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is himself involved in picking the songs used in company advertising…

So what’s wrong with that- isn’t the great El Jobso the creator of the Apple brand, the man responsible for Apple’s core values and DNA. Surely he’s best placed to make these decisions. Maybe – but as recent events have shown Steve Jobs can’t and won’t always be around.

So what happens if he’s not around to pick the latest tune – who does?- Phil Schiller (senior vice president of world wide product marketing)? TBWA/Chiat/Day? What criteria do they use? Personal taste? – What, if anything has been put in place to help them stay on message?

When your chief marketing officer leaves, or you change (ad) agencies – How do you ensure sonic continuity?... read more

Flexible service | Consistent Branding

Flexicar a small car rental company in Australia has a great initiative where each month they put new CD in their cars for you to listen to whilst you drive around. Even nicer is that once the month has “expired” you can take the CD home with you… Nice touch.

Everything about Flexicar feels easy (going).
This simple promotion becomes even more potent when a company like Flexicar ensures that the music they are promoting consistently aligns with their brand ethos.

Flexicar, please don’t change a thing.

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Singing roads

This could be put to great use as a mnemonic/trigger in integrated drink driving and speeding campaigns. For example placing them near schools. Interruption can be a good thing.

Lancaster, California has a musical road that has been pock marked with special grooves that sing out a tune.

Made by Honda as part of an upcoming advertising campaign, the road plays “The William Tell Overture” and for best results the company advices you to drive over with a Honda Civic because the company says that the road was tuned specifically to the tires and wheelbase of a Civic.

The juries out as to whether it’s a great piece of marketing or just plain annoying. (More on Google)

However the residents want the road back in original tar because many drive past out of... read more

The Amber Theatre on

I was recently interviewed for an article about sonic branding for

You can read the article “India Turns Up the Volume on Sonic Branding” here.

The comments section is also worth a read, as it illustrates the confusion that still exists around what sonic branding is and isn’t.

A very big thank you to Preeti Khicha for the opportunity to participate, and for taking the time to explore the exciting and growing area of sonic branding.

Enjoy and let us know what you think.


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KISSing is fun

John Maeda’s Laws of Simplicity

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Note to self… Shut up and listen marcel

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.
—Charles Mingus

Better Git It In Your Soul

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Oh Boy Oh Boy

“An artist featured in a new campaign pushed by the Australian music industry to discourage illegal file sharing… says he was duped into joining an anti-piracy “witch hunt”.”

Read the article here.

I won’t wade into the right or wrong arguments about file sharing but it’s worth checking out the comments on to get a feel for where the customer is at.

I will say that the video patronises it’s intended audience – high school students- who do understand the industry. They understand it so well that they don’t need it. Just look at, Mog and imeem.

Lindsay gets “The Kids”.

“I’m from a punk rock band, it’s all about getting your music out any way you can – you don’t make money... read more

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