The Amber Theatre on

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I was recently interviewed for an article about sonic branding for You can read the article “India Turns Up the Volume on Sonic Branding” here. The comments section is also worth a read, as it illustrates the confusion that still exists around what sonic branding is and isn’t. A very big thank you to Preeti… Read more »

Oh Boy Oh Boy

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“An artist featured in a new campaign pushed by the Australian music industry to discourage illegal file sharing… says he was duped into joining an anti-piracy “witch hunt”.” Read the article here. I won’t wade into the right or wrong arguments about file sharing but it’s worth checking out the comments on to get… Read more »

Building brands with sound

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Mark Cohen over at Ad-Supported Music Central points us to an article by Martin Pazzani. …a growing number of marketers are beginning to see the benefits of using audio… They use music and sound as an integrated, planned, strategic communication tool rather than a lowly production afterthought. …I have seen brand recognition and awareness, ad… Read more »

Great Work 1: Lakai Fully Flared Intro

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This is great work. Why? It redefines a category. That’s what great (sonic) branding does. It doesn’t try to stand out by yelling at you louder than it’s competitors. It does so by daring to express it’s own unique voice in a unique way. Back in my skating days most vid’s used punk and hardcore… Read more »