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Smart brands don’t advertise on Spotify

Smart brands don’t use Audio Ads to advertise on Spotify.

Why? Because they’re annoying. That’s the point.

Audio ads interrupt your listening experience to frustrate you.
This frustration is designed to force you to upgrade to Spotify’s interruption free suscription service.

Smart brands don’t create annoying, frustrating experiences.

Interruption doesn’t work, permission does.

Smart brands use Spotify to give things back to their listeners.

They help them discover new music. They help them make their lives easier and more fun through music. They give them things that make them look cool to their mates.


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Music for Action Against Hunger

This is a great idea and initiative

Cinesamples releases Djembe – AAH Fundraiser

We are trying to raise some money for a very worthy cause: Action Against Hunger
AAH is one of the highest rated and effective charities – offering support to those in distress in over 40 countries. If you wish to donate (any amount is accepted) please head over to our firstgiving page at

After donating you will be sent links to this wonderful djembe as a way of saying thanks! Suggested donation is $10, our fund raising goal is $5000. Donation amounts will not be posted, name and comment is optional.

The use of the djembe is a really good fit for the campaign. Particularly as the sound and rhythms of the djembe evokes positivity and energy

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Oh Boy Oh Boy

“An artist featured in a new campaign pushed by the Australian music industry to discourage illegal file sharing… says he was duped into joining an anti-piracy “witch hunt”.”

Read the article here.

I won’t wade into the right or wrong arguments about file sharing but it’s worth checking out the comments on to get a feel for where the customer is at.

I will say that the video patronises it’s intended audience – high school students- who do understand the industry. They understand it so well that they don’t need it. Just look at, Mog and imeem.

Lindsay gets “The Kids”.

“I’m from a punk rock band, it’s all about getting your music out any way you can – you don’t make money... read more

Doing myself out of a job

I really like how Seth Godin prefaces the viewing of this video with the following statement.

Safe for work, audio is okay.

As our media and ad spend becomes more diversified it is important to consider the appropriateness of audio content in different environments.

For example, if your target audience spends most of their time accessing your on-line content/ads in the workplace, is it appropriate to have sound? And if so what is appropriate and how can the user protect him/herself from an embarrassing audio onslaught?

Where and when sound should be used is just as important to your sonic branding strategy as the type of sound you use, and of course determining this always starts with your audience.

Enjoy the silence.

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Sound and Web Usability

There’s been bit of discussion (which is great) by user experience and web designers around how to use sound on a website


  1. Making it easy for your users to find and control the volume of the sound.
  2. Ensuring that the sound is appropriate for your brand.
    Why is it that those clicky sounds on a lot of flash sites all sound (a)like they’re off the Matrix?
  3. Making sure the sound suits your target audience’s viewing/listening environment.

I was listening to some of the iWork tutorials on the Apple website and noticed that the volume of the narrators voice was different for each tutorial.

This meant that I was continually distracted and annoyed because I had to keep resetting the volume to a level that worked for me and others.

Usually what happens in this situation is that the user turns the sound off... read more

Viral Schmiral

You hear a song on a television commercial or website, you like it and you want it. How hard is it to get it?

If you’re experience is anything like mine, it can be a complicated journey through Google searches and forums: Often with no joy at the end.

Why do so many companies make it so difficult for their customers to voluntarily spread their brand? Maybe they’re spending too much time reading books on solving the complexities of viral marketing instead of looking at the obvious.

So who gets it?

Wolf Blass does: they have a link to the great music that everyone talks about here. It’s pretty easy to find on their website.

They could make it easier to download and also embed data in the file so that when it’s played in a mp3 player (software or hardware) the song title... read more

Someone Finally Did It.

This website just sounds right.

The music is on brand and matches the visual ambience.

It stands out because it doesn’t sound like that synthy ambient dross that everyone else has.

It didn’t make me want to turn off the sound by screaming at me.

Very rare indeed.

How does it make you feel about the brand?

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The Ultimate Punishment

This is what happens when some one fails to take responsibility for how sound affects the customer experience… This from a music site.

People leave never to return…. and they tell everyone about it.

Read the experience here

How many customers have been lost because the use of sound in brand communication was not carefully managed, and it’s purpose and impact not understood?

Silence is sound too.

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