Ambient noise affects food taste

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Noise can make foods seem crunchier and taste blander, a new study suggests. Andy Woods who is a researcher at the University of Manchester and also at Unilever ran the study, in which blindfolded participants ate and rated various foods while hearing nothing, quiet white noise, or loud white noise. More research: Effect of background… Read more »

The science: Music affects wine taste

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This via Boing Boing New research suggests that the type of music one listens to while drinking wine can dramatically affect the taste… taste changed by up to 60 percent depending on the vibe of the tune… From the BBC News: (In the latest study,) four types of music were played – Carmina Burana by… Read more »

Show ’em Don’t tell ’em: Billboards measure decibel levels

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I really like this because it works on the show them, don’t tell them principle, It’s really powerful because it uses everyday experiences, and actually empathises with the consumer, customer, PEOPLE. It’s worth clicking on the links too, nice follow through and on-line integration. AEG-Electrolux has installed billboards outfitted with sensors to measure noise levels…. Read more »

2 Heads Make More Sense

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I had a great conversation with an Australian sensory consultant, about how the sensory characteristics of products impact and influence consumer perception and experience. Some great insights were highlighted including the growing need (and interest) of organisations and brands to protect their sensory assets and property as these become more potent differentiators in the market… Read more »