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Retail Environment Designers Of The World Unite

50 Things You Need To Know About Point of Sale provides some great stats and insights into marketing at the point of purchase/sale.

Most would be familiar with the role that muzak has played in the retail space (though often quite badly and with little thought).

Sound however can be used in a much more targeted and powerful way, as an attention grabber, memory trigger and differentiator in out of home (OOH) and point of sale (POS) marketing.

“Always opt for digital where available, especially if it incorporates sound and Bluetooth. Research conducted by the JC Williams Group concluded that shoppers are 5-10 times more likely to notice and recall dynamic media than static media….”
Jeff Estok, General manager sales and marketing, Global Mall Media

“Use all senses to trigger emotional impact. Emotion is the... read more

What do you do?

Some responses I get when I explain what I do are:

“Can you tell the shops to do something about the music they play, it makes me want to leave”!?


“Please fix the on hold music that I have to listen to, it drives me insane”.

So what is the music and sonic character of your organisation doing to your customers, employees and your business?

Is it damaging or enhancing your image?

By the way that’s what I do: make you sound good, that is.


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Target The Customers You Hate

So you wan’t to keep certain people away from your shop…Do it with this…

Mosquito is a teenager repellent – an ultrasonic device that emits a sound only audible to teenagers. It’s targeted to business seeking a solution to anti social youths hanging in front of their stores fronts and driving their customers away.

Hmmm  Read the rest here.

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