Squeeze Me Lightly™ Where Lovers Lie in Ragtrader & Australian Creative

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Originally published in Ragtrader Music & fashion combine 25 Nov 2011 A retail innovation centred around interactive fabrics that create music proved a big hit in Melbourne. Pop-up store and fashion label, Where Lovers Lie, teamed up with sonic branding experts, the Amber Theatre, as part of Melbourne Music Week. They then combined the mediums… Read more »

Interactive textile & sound installation @ Where Lovers Lie – Melbourne’s GPO

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Updated – See photos of Squeeze Me Lightly Where Lovers Lie launch party here. Come experience our beautiful interactive textile and sound installation we’ve created together with local fashion label “Where Lovers Lie”. In affiliation with Melbourne Music Week. Where Lovers Lie workroom and concept store. Level 1, Melbourne’s GPO, 350 Bourke Street, Melbourne. Installation runs… Read more »

Dell understands sonic branding: Global Brand – Sonic Branding Program Manager

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Job Description The Global Brand team is responsible for the strategy and programs that drive overall brand equity and brand reputation, and support the evolution of the Dell master brand. We are looking for a strong program manager to participate in our sonic branding strategy and sonic identity system development, including management of our sonic… Read more »

L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival | City Chic: Be Styled In Sizes 14+

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What a fantastic soundtrack to accompany the City Chic | Be Styled In Sizes 14+ runway at Federation Square, Melbourne. Proud, bold, sassy, sexy, confident and struttin’, the soundtrack spoke directly and unequivocally to the target audience. Well thought out, focussed and consistent for the whole show. Please post the playlist on-line for the world… Read more »

Who’s in charge of your brand’s sound?

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According to this article Apple CEO Steve Jobs is himself involved in picking the songs used in company advertising… So what’s wrong with that- isn’t the great El Jobso the creator of the Apple brand, the man responsible for Apple’s core values and DNA. Surely he’s best placed to make these decisions. Maybe – but… Read more »

Playing the building

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Just like playing mum’s pots n pans as a kid… Love what David Byrne has to say about democratisation at 02:45 Remember when music was simply FUN? Thanks to our mates at Rumblefish for pointing us to this. Via Boing Boing

Retail Environment Designers Of The World Unite

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50 Things You Need To Know About Point of Sale provides some great stats and insights into marketing at the point of purchase/sale. Most would be familiar with the role that muzak has played in the retail space (though often quite badly and with little thought). Sound however can be used in a much more… Read more »