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Squeeze Me Lightly™ Interactive Textile Sound Sculpture


Squeeze Me Lightly™ 20




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Dear Apple | sound is driving us crazy on our Macs

Dear Apple,

Please implement a system wide notifier that tells us where the music is coming from so that when music just starts playing, we can control the music, and keep working, playing and loving our Macs.

We have multiple apps and music players like Spotify, iTunes, Rdio… open at the same time.
We have multiple tabs in multiple browsers… open at the same time.

All of a sudden music starts playing on our Mac. Sometimes one song, sometimes many… at the same time.
We didn’t do it. it just happened.

We are confused, frustrated, embarrassed,
and we can’t find the source of the music…
It’s driving us nuts, our friends, partners, colleagues…

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The best thing I did when I was trying to work out where to put sound triggering sensors and speakers for The Academy @nab, was to ask the builders where people will walk.


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Squeeze Me Lightly case study presented at Future Lab’s Trend Briefing : The Tomorrow Store

Our interactive textile and sound installation, Squeeze Me Lightly Where Lovers Lie was presented at Future Laboratories Australia’s Trend Briefing : The Tomorrow Store.

Find more info about Squeeze Me Lightly on our portfolio and facebook pages.


Thanks Right Angle Studio

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National Australia Bank | The Academy | Awards




Read the case study in AV magazine: Sonic Branding For The NAB.pdf

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In case you were wondering about music’s effect on people and business

Lovingly compiled by Richard Jankovich and Amy Hassler @

Music Affects

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Interactive Musical Wall Helps Pass The Time In Hospital Waiting Rooms

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via PSFK:

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AV Magazine | The Academy and sonic branding at the National Australia Bank

“Sonic branding is about the culture of a company and when you hear what these people have to say, you can see that it’s much more than just a bank”

Read the article by AV Magazine  about the work The Amber Theatre did for The Academy at the National Australia Bank.

Sonic Branding For The NAB.pdf

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Cyberbullying Interactive Sound Installation @ Penthouse Mouse | L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2012

Penthouse Mouse.001
Image credits: Albert Comper Photography | Glenda Tarle of gtgadabout

Moth Design asked us to create an interactive sound installation for their Penthouse Mouse event at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival  2012 that responds to the following brief:


“The presence of machinery in our lives is constant. It is the mechanical hand that moulds our everyday objects, the food, the clothing, tools and technology that we rely on. The extent to which we engage with mechanical production is increasing at an exponential rate.

The notion that machinery is needed in order to make our lives easier and more efficient drives us to consume, it drives us to learn more of these machines; those who do not engage are discouraged and in some instances, rendered... read more

Use the force Luke | Artists and songwriters can profit from file sharing

Some interesting and positive ideas from Mark Holden on how songwriters, artists and rights holders can profit from filesharing.

Read the article by Mark Holden: Songwriters are not going to win the battle of the Internet

  1. People are going to share and download ‘free’ music.
  2. File sharing sites will profit from this via ads and incentives.
  3. Tax/levy the profits of the file sharing sites.
  4. Use fingerprinting technology to determine which artists/rights holders are being shared.
  5. Distribute income to the correct rights holders and artists.

This new and additional revenue model also gives rights holders and record companies more bargaining power when negotiating with Apple’s iTunes.

And lawyers would still have a job.

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