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Ambient noise affects food taste

Noise can make foods seem crunchier and taste blander, a new study suggests. Andy Woods who is a researcher at the University of Manchester and also at Unilever ran the study, in which blindfolded participants ate and rated various foods while hearing nothing, quiet white noise, or loud white noise.

More research:

Effect of background noise on food perception

Background noise affects taste of foods, research shows

via Ambient noise affects food taste – Boing Boing.

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Get a tune up™ | Glastonbury Festival 2010

Some of the best, soulful, dirty, throbbing, bouncy, crowd pleasing  dance music you’ll hear this year.

Electro house, Drum n Bass and Dub step.
All on the same stage.
As it should be!

Download link

Via Liveset Database

Set list

01. Tensnake — Coma Cat
02. Round Table Knights — Calypso
03. Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP — We Speak No Americano
04. Drop the Lime — Sex Sax
05. Wiley — Electric Boogaloo (Riva Starr Remix)
06. Fake Blood — I Think I Like It
07. Jacob Plant — Jump Up
08. Big Boi — Shutterbug (Jack Beats Remix)
09. Vato Gonzalez- Badman Riddim (CDR)
10. Congorock — Babylon (Steve Angello Edit)
11. Swedish House Mafia — One (Congorock Remix)
12. Redlight feat. Ms Dynamite — What You Talkin About
13. D1 — Brb
14. Benga — Little Bitsread more

Flexible service | Consistent Branding

Flexicar a small car rental company in Australia has a great initiative where each month they put new CD in their cars for you to listen to whilst you drive around. Even nicer is that once the month has “expired” you can take the CD home with you… Nice touch.

Everything about Flexicar feels easy (going).
This simple promotion becomes even more potent when a company like Flexicar ensures that the music they are promoting consistently aligns with their brand ethos.

Flexicar, please don’t change a thing.

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Singing roads

This could be put to great use as a mnemonic/trigger in integrated drink driving and speeding campaigns. For example placing them near schools. Interruption can be a good thing.

Lancaster, California has a musical road that has been pock marked with special grooves that sing out a tune.

Made by Honda as part of an upcoming advertising campaign, the road plays “The William Tell Overture” and for best results the company advices you to drive over with a Honda Civic because the company says that the road was tuned specifically to the tires and wheelbase of a Civic.

The juries out as to whether it’s a great piece of marketing or just plain annoying. (More on Google)

However the residents want the road back in original tar because many drive past out of... read more

Sound – Light – Action

I’m  not sure if the interaction of sound and colour quite hits the mark – simplifying the colour and animations would help in creating more obvious connections between the sound and light – but the willingness of the crowd to participate is really inspiring.

The use of human voice is really refreshing and personalises the experience.

The means now exist to create amazing brand experiences by connecting the emotional expression of sound to the benefits and personality of your brand, in  real- time interactive environments.

Imagine this happening in front of your stores…. powerful stuff.

“People with voices of different frequencies, rhythms or cadences will be able to evoke quite different magical patterns upon the surface of... read more

The science: Music affects wine taste

This via Boing Boing

New research suggests that the type of music one listens to while drinking wine can dramatically affect the taste… taste changed by up to 60 percent depending on the vibe of the tune…

From the BBC News:

(In the latest study,) four types of music were played – Carmina Burana by Orff (“powerful and heavy”), Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky (“subtle and refined”), Just Can’t Get Enough by Nouvelle Vague (“zingy and refreshing”) and Slow Breakdown by Michael Brook (“mellow and soft”)

The white wine was rated 40% more zingy and refreshing when that music was played, but only 26% more mellow and soft when music in that category was heard.

The red was altered 25% by mellow and fresh music, yet 60% by powerful and heavy music.

The results were put down to “cognitive priming theory”,... read more

Show ‘em Don’t tell ‘em: Billboards measure decibel levels

I really like this because it works on the show them, don’t tell them principle,

It’s really powerful because it uses everyday experiences, and actually empathises with the consumer, customer, PEOPLE.

It’s worth clicking on the links too, nice follow through and on-line integration.

AEG-Electrolux has installed billboards outfitted with sensors to measure noise levels. So far, they’ve deployed them in London, Berlin, Madrid, Brussels, and Milan. The billboards are part of a “noise awareness” campaign that’s actually a marketing effort for a new “silent” washing machine. The data is also viewable online. Link to AEG Noise Awareness Blog, Link to AEG Noise Awareness site, Link to more info and video at Laughing Squid

via Boing Boing

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It’s not about you | Getting customer focused… For real

Do not ask what sound, music and silence can do for you.
Ask what it can do for your customers.

How can sound, music and silence make their lives easier, more pleasurable, more interesting?
How can sound solve their problems?

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Doing myself out of a job

I really like how Seth Godin prefaces the viewing of this video with the following statement.

Safe for work, audio is okay.

As our media and ad spend becomes more diversified it is important to consider the appropriateness of audio content in different environments.

For example, if your target audience spends most of their time accessing your on-line content/ads in the workplace, is it appropriate to have sound? And if so what is appropriate and how can the user protect him/herself from an embarrassing audio onslaught?

Where and when sound should be used is just as important to your sonic branding strategy as the type of sound you use, and of course determining this always starts with your audience.

Enjoy the silence.

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Great Work: Take a free hearing test

You will be surprised.

Free Hearing Test

Via Chroma

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