Flexible service | Consistent Branding

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Flexicar a small car rental company in Australia has a great initiative where each month they put new CD in their cars for you to listen to whilst you drive around. Even nicer is that once the month has “expired” you can take the CD home with you… Nice touch. Everything about Flexicar feels easy (going)…. Read more »

Singing roads

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  This could be put to great use as a mnemonic/trigger in integrated drink driving and speeding campaigns. For example placing them near schools. Interruption can be a good thing. Lancaster, California has a musical road that has been pock marked with special grooves that sing out a tune. Made by Honda as part of an… Read more »

Show ’em Don’t tell ’em: Billboards measure decibel levels

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I really like this because it works on the show them, don’t tell them principle, It’s really powerful because it uses everyday experiences, and actually empathises with the consumer, customer, PEOPLE. It’s worth clicking on the links too, nice follow through and on-line integration. AEG-Electrolux has installed billboards outfitted with sensors to measure noise levels…. Read more »

Doing myself out of a job

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I really like how Seth Godin prefaces the viewing of this video with the following statement. Safe for work, audio is okay. As our media and ad spend becomes more diversified it is important to consider the appropriateness of audio content in different environments. For example, if your target audience spends most of their time… Read more »

2 Heads Make More Sense

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I had a great conversation with an Australian sensory consultant, about how the sensory characteristics of products impact and influence consumer perception and experience. Some great insights were highlighted including the growing need (and interest) of organisations and brands to protect their sensory assets and property as these become more potent differentiators in the market… Read more »

Sound and Web Usability

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There’s been bit of discussion (which is great) by user experience and web designers around how to use sound on a website Including: Making it easy for your users to find and control the volume of the sound. Ensuring that the sound is appropriate for your brand. Why is it that those clicky sounds on… Read more »

What do you do?

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Some responses I get when I explain what I do are: “Can you tell the shops to do something about the music they play, it makes me want to leave”!? and “Please fix the on hold music that I have to listen to, it drives me insane”. So what is the music and sonic character… Read more »