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How Apple Store Seduces You With the Tilt of Its Laptops

Apple’s attention to detail in the way they gently compel you to touch and connect emotionally with their products, is effortless and beautifully human.

“You might think that Apple positions all its notebook computers for aesthetic reasons. That’s partly true… But the main reason notebook computers screens are slightly angled is to encourage customers to adjust the screen to their ideal viewing angle—in other words, to touch the computer!

…Our brains love multisensory experiences. The more you engage your customers’ senses, the more likely it is that they will engage with your product on an emotional level and reward you with their loyalty.”

Read the full article by Carmine Gallo at here
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Interactive Musical Wall Helps Pass The Time In Hospital Waiting Rooms

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via PSFK:

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Giant Acoustic Organ Installation Makes Wind Audible

…the sculpture allows wind to resonate through the steel tubes making the silent shifting patterns of the wind audible. Vibrations in strings attached to some of the tubes are transferred through skins covering the tops, and projected down through the tubes towards the viewer standing beneath the arch…

via PSFK: Giant Acoustic Organ Installation Makes Wind Audible @PSFK.

Giant Acoustic Organ Installation Makes Wind Audible

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Restraint. Space. Awesome

Dr . Garth Paine. Karlax and Kyma – 1st contact.

Karlax and Kyma – 1st contact from Garth Paine on Vimeo.

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AV Magazine | The Academy and sonic branding at the National Australia Bank

“Sonic branding is about the culture of a company and when you hear what these people have to say, you can see that it’s much more than just a bank”

Read the article by AV Magazine  about the work The Amber Theatre did for The Academy at the National Australia Bank.

Sonic Branding For The NAB.pdf

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Cyberbullying Interactive Sound Installation @ Penthouse Mouse | L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2012

Penthouse Mouse.001
Image credits: Albert Comper Photography | Glenda Tarle of gtgadabout

Moth Design asked us to create an interactive sound installation for their Penthouse Mouse event at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival  2012 that responds to the following brief:


“The presence of machinery in our lives is constant. It is the mechanical hand that moulds our everyday objects, the food, the clothing, tools and technology that we rely on. The extent to which we engage with mechanical production is increasing at an exponential rate.

The notion that machinery is needed in order to make our lives easier and more efficient drives us to consume, it drives us to learn more of these machines; those who do not engage are discouraged and in some instances, rendered... read more

Make music on any surface.

So many fun and useful applications.

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Squeeze Me Lightly™ Where Lovers Lie in Ragtrader & Australian Creative

Originally published in Ragtrader

Music & fashion combine

25 Nov 2011
A retail innovation centred around interactive fabrics that create music proved a big hit in Melbourne.

Pop-up store and fashion label, Where Lovers Lie, teamed up with sonic branding experts, the Amber Theatre, as part of Melbourne Music Week.

They then combined the mediums of music and fashion to create an interactive musical instrument controlled by smart textiles.
Store visitors were invited to squeeze the clothing on a mannequin, which then played music inside a computer that is connected to the fabric.

A spokesman from the Squeeze Me Lightly Where Lovers Lie initiative said it was designed to help change customers from passive browsers into active creators of new, exciting and memorable retail experiences.

“This heralds a new way of combining sonic branding, fashion and visual merchandising... read more

Interactive textile & sound installation @ Where Lovers Lie – Melbourne’s GPO

Updated – See photos of Squeeze Me Lightly Where Lovers Lie launch party

Come experience our beautiful interactive textile and sound installation we’ve created together with local fashion label “Where Lovers Lie”.

In affiliation with Melbourne Music Week.

Where Lovers Lie workroom and concept store.

Level 1, Melbourne’s GPO, 350 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Installation runs from Nov 18th-Nov 26th 2011.

Sponsored by Moritz Australia.

Where Lovers Lie website

Where Lovers Lie on Facebook

Sound changes everything™

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Squeeze Me Lightly™ | Interactive Fabric Instruments

Squeeze Me Lightly™ uses interactive smart fabrics to trigger and play music.

The shape, form and music can be easily adapted for different situations, clients and audiences.

Squeeze Me Lightly™ is great for:

  • Brand experiences.
  • Pop up shops.
  • Events.
  • Launches.
  • Retail/instore.
  • Architectural installations.
  • and FUN.

A huge thank you to Anna and The Social Studio for helping turn sketches into a beautiful object.

Check out the amazing work of  the brilliant young refugee fashion designers they work with – I just love the new men’s range.

Call Marcel +61 (0) 407 318 065 or email us to find out more and to get your own custom designed Squeeze Me Lightly™

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