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Turn That Music Down

Boxing day 2005, I was recovering from a lovely lunch with my family and my beautiful partner Renee and feeling like a bit of retail therapy, as if getting christmas presents wasn’t enough. So I decided for the first time in my life to go for a browse through the Melbourne CBD to peruse the Boxing day sales.As we wandered around marvelling at the lovely designs and logos on the shopping bags people were carrying, I felt an urge to look at some clothes. Being a guy and statistically not a browser I knew exactly where I wanted to go and what I wanted to buy. been to this store once before and liked what they did; street wear with clean lines that avoided the baggy look which I so detest. I also remembered that they were playing cool... read more

What Lolly Belle Said

Just in case you’re wondering what lolly belle said here it is.

Lolly Belle said…
Sound design is impertive, but often overlooked to a brand.

For example, a phone call I made today to a large Australian music retailer …

I called them and was put on hold, however there was absolutely no noise – completely silence. I thought after a few minutes that the phone was dead so I called back and had the same thing again. Finally go through to the person, but only because I was so patient with the silence.

It seemed incredibly ironic that a music retailer of all people – a company who supposedly specialises in sound – would have a communications device that was silent!

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The sound of silence

Thanks for your feedback Lolly Belle.

I’ve spoken to a few other people about this issue and this seems to be a bit of a recurring problem for customers or is that lost customers.

It’s odd that companies neglect to inform the person on the end of the line that they are still connected and that the queue is getting shorter.
Particularly as 90% of interactions with a company is via the telephone.
Pretty crucial touchpoint in my opinion.

On the other hand- silence in other situations can be very powerful.

Turn the sound off on a TV Commercial and watch the viewer come running back from making their cup of tea.

Equally some retail and public environments can benefit just as much from silence as they can from sound- the local library for example or the local aquarium- Who needs... read more

Target The Customers You Hate

So you wan’t to keep certain people away from your shop…Do it with this…

Mosquito is a teenager repellent – an ultrasonic device that emits a sound only audible to teenagers. It’s targeted to business seeking a solution to anti social youths hanging in front of their stores fronts and driving their customers away.

Hmmm  Read the rest here.

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