Friday August 13, 2010

Some great beats on an experimental, but still very accessible tip.

Lots of soul.

Mary Anne Hobbs has one of the finest voices I’ve heard on the radio in a long time.
Her voice becomes part of the music. Beautiful

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Via Liveset Database

Set list

01. Young Montana? – Untitled [Alpha Pup] 02. Silkie – 80s Baby [Deep Medi] 03. Krystal Klear – Let’s Go Dreaming [Dubplate] 04. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps (Airhead Remix) [Dubplate] 05. Alix Perez – Untitled (from the ‘Tempa Allstars 6’ compilation) [Tempa] 06. FaltyDL – Endeavour [Planet Mu] 07. Breach – Fatherless (Doc Daneeka remix) [PTN] 08. Soul Intent – Vapour Trails [31 Recordings] 09. Joe – Level Crossing [Hessle Audio] 10. Helixir – Quiet Storm (from the LP ‘Undivided’) [7even] 11. Downliners Sekt – Selfish G [Dubplate] 12. Goth-Trad – Departure [Dubplate]

13. Ramadanman – Tread [Unreleased] 14. Ramadanman & Appleblim – Void 23 (Carl Craig Re-Edit) [Aus Music] 15. A Made Up Sound – Demons [A Made Up Sound] 16. Karizma – I.C.U. [Co-operation] 17. Lemonade – Lifted (Shortstuff remix) [True Panther] 18. Ramadanman – Stifle [Unreleased] 19. Elgato – Tonight [Hessle Audio] 20. Joy Orbison – GR Etiquette [Unreleased] 21. Ramadanman – Work Them [swamp ’81] 22. Burial – Pirates [Hyperdub] 23. Ramdanman – Tempest [Hemlock] 24. Skream – I (Loefah Remix) [Tempa] 25. Simple – Agua [Lost Souls] 26. Addison Groove – Sexual [Unreleased] 27. Pariah – Safehouses [R&S] 28. Jack Sparrow – Loveless (from the LP ‘Circadian’) [Tectonic] 29. S. Maharaba – Tell A Lie (from the LP ‘She’) [free download] 30. ASC – The Touch feat Riya (Vaccine Remix) [Auxiliary] 31. Shortstuff – Herbface [Ramp] 32. Skream – Where You Should Be feat Sam Frank (from the LP ‘Outside The Box’) [Tempa] 33. Raffertie – Visual Activity [Dubplate]

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Friday July 30, 2010

Some of the best, soulful, dirty, throbbing, bouncy, crowd pleasing  dance music you’ll hear this year.

Electro house, Drum n Bass and Dub step.
All on the same stage.
As it should be!

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Via Liveset Database

Set list

01. Tensnake — Coma Cat
02. Round Table Knights — Calypso
03. Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP — We Speak No Americano
04. Drop the Lime — Sex Sax
05. Wiley — Electric Boogaloo (Riva Starr Remix)
06. Fake Blood — I Think I Like It
07. Jacob Plant — Jump Up
08. Big Boi — Shutterbug (Jack Beats Remix)
09. Vato Gonzalez- Badman Riddim (CDR)
10. Congorock — Babylon (Steve Angello Edit)
11. Swedish House Mafia — One (Congorock Remix)
12. Redlight feat. Ms Dynamite — What You Talkin About
13. D1 — Brb
14. Benga — Little Bits
15. Skream — Listening To The Records On My Wall
16. Katy B — Katy On A Mission (feat. Benga)
17. Caspa — Back For The First Time
18. Double 99 — RIP Groove (Shorterz & Enigma Remix)
19. Magnetic Man — I Need Air

20. Chase & Status — No Problem
21. Lomax — Artisan VIP
22. DC Breaks — Babylon
23. Chase & Status — Is It Worth It VIP
24. Dirtyphonics — Teleportation
25. Chase & Status — Smash TV
26. Chase & Status — Untitled
27. Chase & Status — Take Me Away
28. Shimon & Andy C — Nightflight
29. Chase & Status — Music Club
30. M Beat Ft General Levy — Incredible
31. Sub Focus — Rock It VIP
32. Nero — Electron
33. Rusko — Hold On Sub Focus Remix
34. Drake — Over
35. Dizzee Rascal & Chase & Status — Heavy
36. Chase & Status — Untitled
37. Doctor P — Sweet Shop
38. Trolley Snatcha — The Future
39. Chase & Status — Saxon
40. Chase & Status — Eastern Jam VIP
41. Redlight Ft Ms Dynamite — What you Talkin About!?
42. Example — Kickstarts Bar 9 Remix
43. Plan B — She Said 16bit Remix
44. Nero — Welcome Reality
45. Nero — Innocence
46. Chase & Status Ft Mali — Let You Go
47. Nneka — Heartbeat Chase & Status Mix
48. Chase & Status Ft Plan B — End Credits
49. Chase & Status Ft Plan B — Pieces
50. Moving Fusion — Turbulence

51. Prince — Erotic City?
52. Benga — Smack Your Bitch Up
53. Skream — Raw Dogz
54. Benga — Electronic Mayhem (Dub)?
55. P-Money — Left The Room (Skream Remix)
56. Estelle — I Can Be A Freak (Unknown Remix) (Dub)?
57. Geeneus & Ms Dynamite — Get Low (Skream’s Carnival Step Remix) (Dub)?
58. Major Lazer — Pon di Streets
59. Skream — Clap Your Hands (Dub)?\
60. Redlight — Stupid (Instrumental) (DIgital Soundboy)?
61. Skream — Untitled (Dub)?
62. Example — Dirty Face (Benga Remix) (Dub)?
63. Skream — Stand Up (Tempa)?
64. Zomby — Float (Skream’s I Was In Primary School Where Were You In 92′ Remix) (Dub)?
65. Magnetic Man — I Need Air (Coloumbia)?
66. 12th Planet — Reasons (Doctor P Remix) (Smog)?
67. Magnetic Man — MAD (Columbia)?
68. Magnetic Man — Tribal Idea
69. Skream — Rollin’ Kicks (Tempa)?
70. La Roux — In For The Kill (Skream’s Lets Get Ravey Remix) (Polydor)?
71. Sub Focus — Last Jungle (RAM)?
72. Dansette Junior — Paranoid (Sony)?
73. Little Jinder — Youth Blood (12th Planet and Flinch Remix) (Dub)?
74. Skream — Where You Should Be (Feat. Sam Frank) (Tempa)?
75. Magnetic Man — Certified Banger (Dub)?
76. Skream — Listening To The Records On My Wall
77. Rusko — Hold On (12th Planet Remix)
78. Passion Pit — Sleepy Head (Borgore Remix) (Dub)?
79. James Blake — Cmyk
80. Skream — How Real (Feat. Freckles) (Tempa)?
81. Skream — The Epic Last Song

82. Zinc — Nexx
83. Swedish House Mafia — One (Congorock Remix)
84. Busy Signal — Da Style Deh (Douster Remix)
85. Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie — Moombah (Afrojack Remix)
86. Toddla T — Sky Surfing ft Wayne Marshall
87. Dj Q — Ragga Tip
88. Wideboys vs Bob Marley — One Love (Toddla T Oldskool (Dub)plate Special)
89. Caspa — Marmite (Doctor P Remix)
90. Doctor P — Sweetshop
91. Skream — Burnin Up
92. DJ Marky & S.P.Y. — Riff Raff
93. Top Cat, Shy FX, T Power — Everyday
94. DJ Clipz & DJ Die — Number 1
95. Toddla T — Rice & Peas ft Mr Versatile (Kissy Klub Version)
96. Toddla T — Manabadman ft Serocee (Andy George Remix)
97. DJ Zinc — Wile Out ft Ms Dynamite (Wile Out Toddla T Special)
98. Vato Gonzalez — Badman Riddim
99. Lady Chann — Sticky Situation (Toddla T & Seiji Remix)
100. Wiley — Electric Boogaloo (featt J2k & Jodie Connor)
101. Dj Q — Say That Again (feat Slick Don)
102. Stickin — Stickin (Sonic C Remode)
103. Klong — Bangkok
104. Dennis Ferrer — Hey Hey
105. Roy Davis Jr. — Rock Lights (feat. Bear Who?) (Bryan Jones Remix)

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Friday July 23, 2010

A good interface sound for iOS (iPhone, iPads) should accomplish the following things.

  1. Be useful: Your sounds should have a function such as telling the user where they are and what they are doing, or that the app is working and ready to be used.
  2. Emotional resonance: Sounds should have personality and be aligned to the brand. They should elicit emotion – a smile, excitement, anticipation – and communicate the values and benefits of your App and brand.
  3. Distinctiveness: Get rid of the generic zips and zaps.  Apps shouldn’t go down the path of the bland one size fits all clicks that polluted the web (flash) experience. It’s boring and people switch off.  A way to achieve this distinctiveness is to repurpose your existing assets. However, just as the internet is not TV, iPhones aren’t personal computers, so careful attention needs to be given to how these sounds affect the experience.

So who does it well?


Skype keeps it simple. You start up skype and when it’s ready you get the “I’m ready” start-up sound. ‘Yay, Skypes working, I can talk to my friends now, damn that feels good’. Skype connects the App experience with the desktop experience by using the same start-up sound. The familiarity makes you feel comfortable, and leverages the brand equity and reputation built up by the desktop app.


Apple have always had a strong emphasis on the ‘total experience’. For example, when they change their OS interface, their website and hardware reflect these changes and vice versa.

Apple have brought their desktop sounds to the iPhone. When you get mail you get the mail ping, when you send mail you get the mail woosh. And it feels good right.

The sounds are non intrusive, personable and useful – meaning we’re more likely to and do keep them turned on, allowing them to reinforce the brand relationship.

Thursday June 17, 2010

In the words of Donald Trump: Australia’s live music scene is a “billion dollar industry”.

Actually, it’s closer to a $2 billion industry according to a recent study. Commissioned by Live Performance Australia…

…Chief Executive Evelyn Richardson said the study demonstrates the significant economic contribution of the industry, despite limited government investment in certain events

Read more at Live Music: A $2 Billion Industry In News : Mess+Noise.

Tuesday May 11, 2010

This article “Building a solid base for brand communications” goes right to the hard of what sonic branding is all about.

If it’s sustained marketing success you’re after (versus merely short-term campaign-based ‘hits’), it’s important to understand the power of building a solid foundation of brand communications.

Again, I reiterate this doesn’t mean you don’t run any tactical brand campaigns using advertising, direct marketing or any other mediums that work for you.

But it does require a broader scope of thinking and a willingness to do the ‘little things’ in a communications sense – again and again and again…

PR is all about how you manage your communication and actions over the long term, so that you build positive experiences and trust in the minds and hearts of your audience and stakeholders.

Sonic branding is the management of  sound in your communication over the long term, so that you build positive experiences and trust in the minds and hearts of your audience and stakeholders.

Sonic branding takes care of the little things, the detail,  like good PR, it constantly monitors and evaluates how your use of sound is affecting your relationhip with your target audiences. When you do this the sound , music and silence in your whizz bang tactical campaign will be all the more focussed, powerful and effective.

Tuesday May 11, 2010

Many brands fall into the trap of using what I call category sounds as opposed to a distinctive brand sound.

For example:

  • Fashion –  house and chillout.
  • Fast cars – hard rock.
  • Youth brands – anything ‘now’ will do.

Intel recently revised their audio logo placing more emphasis on the human aspect of the sound.

Hit play to listen. The first one you will hear is intel’s original sonic logo, the second is their new sonic logo.

Intel audio logo

Not only does this differentiate Intel from its main rival AMD, but also makes intel stand out among the clutter of tech brand sonic logos. Many of whom are indistinguishable because they all conform to the ‘futuristic’ language of wooshes and synthetic sounds, that are derived from film sound design cliches, not brand attributes.

Close your eyes and play your brand soundtrack, jingle, voice over, audio logo, next to your competitors’ – Can you tell the difference?

Wednesday May 5, 2010

Instead of just having some free music to download from your  website or online store – why not incorporate some social responsibility by allowing users to ‘name their price’ and donate the money to causes that the brand supports?

Like this:

This album was recorded many years ago. It is FREE to anyone who would like it, it is also got the option to donate any amount you like all proceeds will go to the “Keep Music In Schools” programs