Thursday June 19, 2014

Dear Apple,

Please implement a system wide notifier that tells us where the music is coming from so that when music just starts playing, we can control the music, and keep working, playing and loving our Macs.

We have multiple apps and music players like Spotify, iTunes, Rdio… open at the same time.
We have multiple tabs in multiple browsers… open at the same time.

All of a sudden music starts playing on our Mac. Sometimes one song, sometimes many… at the same time.
We didn’t do it. it just happened.

We are confused, frustrated, embarrassed,
and we can’t find the source of the music…
It’s driving us nuts, our friends, partners, colleagues…

Friday May 9, 2014

The best thing I did when I was trying to work out where to put sound triggering sensors and speakers for The Academy @nab, was to ask the builders where people will walk.


Tuesday May 28, 2013

Smart brands don’t use Audio Ads to advertise on Spotify.

Why? Because they’re annoying. That’s the point.

Audio ads interrupt your listening experience to frustrate you.
This frustration is designed to force you to upgrade to Spotify’s interruption free suscription service.

Smart brands don’t create annoying, frustrating experiences.

Interruption doesn’t work, permission does.

Smart brands use Spotify to give things back to their listeners.

They help them discover new music. They help them make their lives easier and more fun through music. They give them things that make them look cool to their mates.


Friday January 18, 2013

Beautifully simple and focussed.

Brilliant arrangement, dynamic and song choice.

The music, location and involvement of people, combine perfectly to support the message “Life is for sharing” – and we did.

The YouTube comments say it all.
This went viral – not because it is a clever ‘stunt’, but because it connects profoundly and honestly on a human and emotional level.