Who is The Amber Theatre?

The Amber Theatre is a team of brand strategists, composers, sound designers and developers.

For over ten years we have been helping organisations and brands understand how sound impacts on their relationship with their audience.

We develop and implement strategies that use sound to reinforce identities, solve communication problems, and improve services, products and experiences.

We often ask ‘why?’ and more often ‘why not?’. We are obsessed with affecting sounds… and silence, to improve the way customers think and feel about a brand.

Who is Marcel de Bie?

“I don’t have a business plan – I have relationships.”
Some record industry guy.

Marcel has been immersed in and obsessed with sound since he learnt to listen.

He has been producing sonic experiences and experiments for over a decade and has developed an acute understanding of sound’s powerful effect on emotion and behaviour.

Through a combination of technological wizardry, marketing acumen and a bunch of phone numbers, Marcel and The Amber Theatre have helped a multitude of organisations enhance their appeal through the strategic placement of sound.

He does tend to talk about himself a bit too much and would much prefer to hear your thoughts →.