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It was great to get feedback from Adrian about the Album Art window in iTunes.
To see what this looks like go here.

Years ago myself and a great friend Russell coined the phrase 1001 conversations. Meaning that everyone’s experience contributes to and diversifies knowledge, This leads to innovation.

Some of the best ideas come from the people who you think know the least.

I will talk more about this in my next post which will discuss the process of creating the soundscape for the Bollywood Dreams Exhibition at the Immigration Museum, -I love their tag line “moving stories”-and the importance of client and service provider relationships, and how sound can affect a brands relationships with it’s staff and customers.

Till then enjoy and I hope those people downloading the music from our podcast are enjoying the fruits of our labour. (Time for more content I think)

Drop us a line.

You might know something that we don’t…

New position title: Just another consumer
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