Interactive Fabric Instruments
Interactive 360ş sound installations
Project management and design
Melbourne Museum
The Mind | Enter The Labyrinth. The world s first exhibition through the mind.
Composition | Sound Design
The City of Hume wanted to showcase the vibrancy and diversity of Broadmeadows  youth culture.
So we collaborated with The Push to stage Australia's first ever mixed genre DJ Battle. The event drew  DJ s and spectators from all over to experience the city s rich culture.

What is sonic branding?

Sound, music, voice and even silence affects how people perceive, interact and relate to your brand.

Sonic branding provides the insights you need to shape these relationships and build your business.

A well executed sonic branding strategy builds a unified and consistent identity by managing the use of sound, music and silence across your brand.

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What we do.

We transform brands, spaces, objects... your world... into unforgettable sensory experiences.

Our services include:
  • Sonic brand identities and guidelines.
  • Sensory and interactive environments.
  • Music production, search and licensing.
  • Music marketing campaigns.
  • Sound design for products, services and Apps.
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