Sonic identity & guidelines

National Australia Bank

NAB Brand wanted to know what sound would say and do, so they’d always create a great user experience, and send the right message about their business, capabilities and what NAB stands for.

Sonic profiles give NAB and their agencies the flexibility to match the right music to different energies, uses and experiences, and still stay on-brand.




NAB’s sonic guidelines show their brand managers how to choose, test and approve the right music for their agencies and campaigns.


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Squeeze Me Lightly

Interactive textile, sound and light sculptures

Prada at the Sunglass Hut Summit

The Night Market

Where Lovers Lie Concept Store

Experiences that educate

Penthouse Mouse
L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival

The Academy

National Australia Bank

The responsive sound architecture at NAB’s corporate university transforms the building into a massive interactive musical instrument.
It’s alive, energetic and playful, carrying staff from conventional to fearless, out of the box thinking.

 A tunnel of sound that swells as energy sensing cameras celebrate people entering the Academy.

Staff transform a soundtrack composed entirely from their voices by triggering sensors as they move through the space, creating new meanings and collisions of ideas.

Quickly choose a playlist to change the mood. Because sometimes you want to stimulate ideas, and other times you want to focus and calm the mind.



World Architecture – High Commendation – Interiors and fitout category.

IDA Corporate Design – High Commendation.

CEFPI Australasia Regional  Facilities Awards – ‘Education Initiative/Design solution for an innovative programme’ – Commendation

Change how people feel.

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How we built The Academy.

Read the case study

Camo Disco

Melbourne Museum
Pauline Gandell Children’s Gallery

The Camo Disco surrounds kids with mirrored walls, projections and sound. It ignites their imagination and transports them to new worlds where they explore, create their own stories, and become new shapes and beings.

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We work with incredible people for great brands.
Here’s what they say about us.

‘Hey Marcel, it looks and IS amazing everyone loves it!! Thanks so much!!’

Jacelyn Hawkins. Flock Agency.
Squeeze Me Lightly for Prada at the Sunglass Hut Summit.


‘Not only did Marcel break down what was working and not working in terms of interfaces, and the responsiveness and character of sounds, he explored how they hindered or helped them achieve their goals’.

Wendy O’Neil. Art Centre Melbourne.
Sound expression. Designing accessible music interfaces for people with disability.


‘Marcel was indispensable to us and to the success of the project, with that rare combination of practical know-how, a hard-work ethic, and inspired creative vision’.

Brian Rupp. Brand Timbre & Rumblefish. (USA)
The Academy at NAB.



Brand managers have to protect their brand.

You have to make sure your agencies send the right message and create the right experience with the music they want to use.

Music can feel like another language. Without knowing how to describe the music that works for your brand, it’s hard to be confident you’re making the right decisions.

We get rid of the guesswork by defining your sonic identity.

Sonic profiles tell you what music, voice and sounds can match your brand, products and experiences.

We build you a toolkit that shows you how to describe, choose and approve music.


It takes courage to be original. To use sound to activate festivals, spaces and events with new sensory experiences you know will steal the show.

Forward thinkers know audiences are smart, curious and creative, and that when you enable their creativity, they’ll keep coming back for more.

People who stand in the way of your progress are people who can’t imagine the possibilities yet. So we show them.

We’ve designed interactive sound sculptures and installations that people love to play for over 18 years. We’ll show you possibilities that’ll unleash a stream of new ideas.

And we’ll transform these ideas into experiences that put this priceless look of surprise, wonder and joy on people’s faces.


Marcel de Bie

Marcel de Bie | Creative Director

Talk: +61 407 318 065

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